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Samsung’s new smart glasses could be a key to mobile phone revolution

Samsung’s new smart glasses could be a key to mobile phone revolution

Tech giants Samsung and Google have joined forces to develop a smart glasses that would allow people to control their devices using their eyes, using their voice or the vibrations of their fingers. 

The company behind the product, called the Samsung Gear VR, said it was using the same kind of hardware that Samsung sells to other mobile phone makers, such as Apple, HTC and others. 

“We’re working with the leading smartphone makers, Google, Samsung and others to develop and create the first wearable device that will help people in the future take advantage of the power of their mobile devices,” said Jonathan Lee, vice president of Samsung’s VR division. 

Samsung said the product would be compatible with Android phones running on Google’s Android operating system, and that it would have a range of features, including voice recognition and gesture control.

“The first generation of our Gear VR headset is an interactive headset that is specifically designed for VR and the natural user experience,” Lee said in a statement. 

Google also said the headset would be “focussed on creating a fully immersive experience with a powerful combination of voice recognition, gesture control and a rich user interface that can take advantage, without interrupting, of all the advantages mobile phone technology offers.”

“The Gear VR is the first of its kind,” said Rob Bagnall, chief executive of Samsung Electronics. 

Lee said Samsung was using a technology called deep learning to process images from the user’s eyes and apply them to the headset. 

Bagnall said that the software that would help make the headset usable would be made by a group of computer scientists at Samsung’s Silicon Valley research lab. 

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant was a top contender for a VR headset before the Oculus Rift came along, but the headset didn’t come with any software that could talk to the computer. 

A spokeswoman for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

For its part, Samsung is expected to launch its first headset in 2017, at least in the US, with a price tag of $799.

It is expected that the company will have more products in the pipeline. 

In April, Samsung also announced it had signed a deal to buy Microsoft’s Surface business for $US13.7 billion ($14.3 billion).

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