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When is the next computer game coming to smartphones?

When is the next computer game coming to smartphones?

In the latest edition of his weekly “Computer Game Show,” a leading Israeli computer scientist says that while it is not the end of the line for computer games, the smartphone market has reached its peak.

Computer scientist Erez Ben-Gurion and his team are developing a smartphone game based on their work, titled “Computer Language,” and the game is expected to hit smartphones in 2019.

According to Ben-Gaon, the iPhone’s popularity has reached a point where developers can create “games” that are not only easy to play, but also easy to learn.

He said the current smartphone market, however, does not support “computer language” games, as the iPhone has too many limitations.

Computer game developers should use their imagination and skills to create a game that will be “compelling and enjoyable,” he said.

The Israeli computer science graduate student said that the smartphone has already surpassed the computer industry in terms of popularity and is expected, in the next few years, to surpass computer games.

The iPhone is still in its infancy, and the technology and software are still very new, Ben-Gall said.

“This means that it is difficult for us to make a good smartphone game.

So we need to continue to develop computer language games, and then we will be able to make the next smartphone game.”

Ben-Gall also noted that computer language players tend to have a “high level of technical knowledge” compared to computer game players, and that they can improve on existing software to create “cool” computer game titles.

Ben-Gurion, the head of the Center for Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and his colleagues are developing “Computer Memory” for smartphones, a game based around the concept of a computer memory.

The main goal of the game, Ben -Gall said, is to create an “app that allows people to control a computer and learn a new language.”

Ben -Gall and his fellow researchers are also developing “Space Game,” a game for smartphones based on the concept that “space is the place where everything happens,” he added.

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