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Tech companies plan to spend $2 billion on cloud computing internships

Tech companies plan to spend $2 billion on cloud computing internships

Tech companies have started planning to spend nearly $2.6 billion over the next decade on recruiting new talent for cloud computing.

The moves, announced Thursday, come after the federal government cut its cloud computing funding by $1.9 billion this year, and amid concerns about the industry’s lack of security.

The companies said they want to recruit hundreds of thousands of computer science internals and computer scientists over the coming decade to boost their capacity and boost their skills.

The new spending plan includes $2 million for a “computer screen cleaning” internship program that would hire people to clean computers.

The programs, which would cost $250,000 each, would also require a background check and would take a four-week orientation course.

“We are trying to develop more of these opportunities for people to learn how to be a computer scientist and how to do their jobs in the cloud,” said Jefferies Group President and Chief Executive Officer Brian M. Brown.

“There are lots of great candidates who are already working in the field and there are lots who are in the pipeline.”

But the federal cloud funding cuts mean the federal IT budget has shrunk to about $8.4 billion, which is below what it was a decade ago.

The tech industry has been hit hard by the federal budget cut, with companies cutting back on their hiring.

The industry is expected to post a net loss of $1 billion this fiscal year.

But companies are also expected to invest billions in new technologies and products in the coming years, as they prepare to move into the cloud.

That includes new mobile devices that use a cloud computing platform called Google Cloud Platform.

“This is a very big step forward,” said Tom Gartman, a senior analyst with the market research firm Wedbush Securities.

“I think the companies are taking it very seriously and are looking to make a huge investment in the technology.”

The Federal Trade Commission, which has been investigating the issue, has also said that many of the cloud jobs are being advertised on sites such as Craigslist, which are a popular source for illegal recruitment.

In an open letter, the FTC said the industry is also attracting some “loyalists” who are willing to take advantage of the opportunities available.

The FTC also announced plans Thursday to expand the federal investigation into recruiting illegal recruitment to include any companies that offer training that could be used to recruit people illegally.

The FCC said it would launch a special investigation team to investigate and prosecute companies for violations of federal anti-trafficking laws.

“While we have made significant progress in identifying and cracking down on the recruiting of illegal workers, we still face significant challenges in our ability to combat the recruiting industry,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement.

“As the investigation into this industry continues, we will continue to work closely with our counterparts in other industries to take swift and decisive action to stop the recruitment of illegal and human trafficking victims.”

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