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How the world got an ‘iPhone’ – and then a $1.6bn Apple Computer case

How the world got an ‘iPhone’ – and then a $1.6bn Apple Computer case

The world got its first iPhone a few years ago.

But it’s not like it was the only phone to have been designed by a Japanese company.

There are more than 60 different phones in the world, and Apple was probably the most famous in the business.

And with the new iPhone 8, Apple is taking the cake again.

But how did we get to the Apple iPhone 8?

The iPhone was born in 2001 and, at its inception, was the world’s most popular smartphone.

It has had two generations, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, which have been sold around the world and have made Apple billions of dollars in revenue.

What’s more, the iPhone has also become the most popular mobile phone in the country.

But with its second generation, Apple introduced its most ambitious phone yet, the $1,6bn iPhone 7.

It’s got a design that’s a bit of a departure from its predecessors, but its price tag is still more than double that of its predecessors.

But the new $1 billion iPhone 8 is a bit different, and the results are worth watching.

The story of how the iPhone 8 was made Apple’s iPhone 7 was a big, bright, shiny, and gorgeous phone that made people feel comfortable using the phone.

That was the biggest selling point of the iPhone 7, and that was exactly what the iPhone was designed to do.

The iPhone 7’s primary selling point was that it was super-fast, but Apple’s marketing team wanted the phone to look even more sleek and modern.

To make this phone, they needed a phone that could be worn on a person’s wrist, or strapped onto their lap.

Apple went back to its roots and made the iPhone with a flat surface, with the screen flat on the back and the back glass curved.

The company decided that it could make a phone with a phone screen that was just slightly curved to fit the wrist, and made that curvature known as a “glass back.”

Apple went to the original design team at Apple to design this phone.

The original designers of the original iPhone, Andy Hertzfeld and Jony Ive, came up with the concept of a phone “that was a flat plane,” and they designed a flat-sided iPhone.

This is the idea that the phone should be a flat screen that you can slide your finger down and the phone itself should be flat on your wrist.

The design team went back and looked at their design, and they had a completely different idea than the original designers.

They decided to make a flat phone.

They thought, “Hey, I want this to look great on my wrist, so let’s go for a flat glass back.”

The original design of the phone, which was called the “flat-sided” iPhone, was designed by Jony Heymans.

It was the first time the iPhone went flat.

It had a glass back.

The other thing that was new was that they added the screen to the back, and so they did that on the front too.

This meant that when the phone was dropped, the screen on the phone would be the only part of the device that was falling away from the user.

They also added a battery pack that was attached to the bottom of the screen, and this made the phone a little heavier.

The screen on an iPhone is always flat, so the user had to feel like the phone could fall off, but it didn’t hurt the user at all.

So the glass back is still there, but now the back is curved and the screen is curved, it feels much more luxurious to hold on to.

And this curved back made it look much more like a laptop, and you could actually look at it on the user’s wrist.

Apple also made it possible for the user to have two displays on the same phone.

This was a huge advantage for them.

They had to make the phone have a very high resolution screen, because the screen was flat on its back.

So they needed the user be able to see the screen and the rest of the display at the same time.

But you don’t have to use this design.

You can just have two screens on a phone.

But there was one major thing that the designers didn’t realize, which is that people liked to use phones on their wrists.

If you hold the phone in one hand, it’s very difficult for the phone screen to hit your wrist when you’re sitting on a chair, because your wrist is a little bit too high.

But when you hold it in the other hand, the phone’s screen doesn’t have a lot of room to move around.

You need to have a screen that’s about right on the wrist.

And so that’s what Apple went with the flat screen.

It wasn’t that the flat glass was a bad design, because there’s a lot to love about it.

But Apple didn’t take into account the fact that people would be wearing the phone on

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