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Microsoft announces ‘smart’ desktops with Microsoft Surface Hubs

Microsoft announces ‘smart’ desktops with Microsoft Surface Hubs

Microsoft is set to announce its newest generation of desktop computers that will run Windows 10, and with it a new type of computer: a smart desktop.

The company has unveiled a “Smart” desktop, which is meant to offer “great” efficiency and flexibility, while also using the company’s own chips, according to a blog post from the company on Thursday.

The new computer will feature a touchpad on the top, along with a large keyboard on the back.

That keyboard will act as a virtual keyboard, with a “slider” for switching between different modes, the company said.

It will also have a “smart” stylus for editing documents and sharing content, according the blog post.

“This means we can create a new way of thinking about our software and apps,” the blog read.

We’re calling it a ‘smart computing platform’ for the future.” “

The Smart Desktop is a new, innovative way of building the software that will make your life more productive and happier.

We’re calling it a ‘smart computing platform’ for the future.”

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update, a major update to the operating system.

The Creators update is a big step toward making Windows 10 the operating platform for the next generation of PCs.

In addition to new features like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, the Creators version of Windows 10 for ARM chips, Windows Hello, and a slew of new features and services, Windows is also getting support for new “Windows Embedded,” the software architecture Microsoft developed for its Surface tablet computers.

In an interview with TechRadar, Microsoft CTO Joe Belfiore said the company is now using Windows Embedded as a “baseline” for Windows 10 PCs, but it also hopes to bring Windows 10 to new devices, including the next-generation Xbox, Surface Hub, Surface Book, and Surface Studio.

“Our focus is not to be an open platform,” Belfiores said.

“That’s what Windows 10 is.

That’s what we’re going to be building with Embedded in the future.

But we want to make it open, because that’s what our customers expect us to do.”

Microsoft’s Surface Hub computer.

Microsoft’s new Smart desktops are expected to launch next month, and in the coming months, it plans to release new versions of Windows that will work on these PCs, according a blogpost from Microsoft.

The Surface Hub is Microsoft’s version of a traditional PC, with its own processor and a dedicated graphics card.

In contrast to the Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems, Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Hub will run the Windows Store on a tablet, and it will run an operating system designed specifically for the tablet’s size and shape.

This means that users will have more control over their experience, as they can download apps and other software from Microsoft’s app store.

The Microsoft Surface Book was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

BelfiORE said that “Microsoft is building a tablet-powered future, and we’re excited to bring you a new Surface Hub for the Windows Insiders.

We’ve designed a new Windows 10 PC that will be the first to take advantage of Embedded for full tablet and laptop compatibility.

We have more details on the new Surface hub, which will be available on October 17.”

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