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Microsoft makes its next big bets in artificial intelligence

Microsoft makes its next big bets in artificial intelligence

Microsoft on Monday said it would spend $1.3 billion on artificial intelligence and machine learning research.

The technology, known as deep learning, will help computers understand and make sense of images and text, and help the software make decisions that are more accurate and efficient.

The software, known by the code name “Boring Company,” will also help the company improve its own products.

Microsoft is developing “Bored Company” as a software component to its Bing search engine.

It is expected to be released in 2020.

“This is not a new AI technology.

It’s been around for a while, but the company is finally going to make a significant investment in this,” said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive.

Ballmer said Microsoft would focus on deep learning research to improve its Bing, Skype and other products.

“It’s a very big investment, and we believe that it’s going to be very successful,” he said.

Ballmar said Microsoft plans to use “Boron” to help make the software more efficient.

Boron is an essential component of silicon and other electronics, and is used to help build computers and other electronic components.

Ballwin said Boron would help the firm keep pace with the pace of technology development and expand its product line.

He said Microsoft is working with a “bionic” research lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to improve artificial intelligence.

Ballwins statement came a day after Microsoft announced it had raised $4 billion in new funding.

Microsoft plans $10 billion in cash and $5 billion in debt to make its new round of investments, which include $3 billion from the investment arm of the Walt Disney Company.

Ballware was created by Microsoft in 2010 to help develop software to improve the performance of Microsoft products.

In January, Ballware became the first software company to receive a $1 billion investment from Google.

Microsoft’s stock rose nearly 10 percent in premarket trading Monday.

Ballwu, the software maker, also said it was in discussions with other tech companies on artificial-intelligence research and development.

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